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Becoming unshakable beacons shining across the planet. Together.

A community that gets you.

What is AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY is membership in the Philosophers Camp "virtual caravan."

12 months where you powerfully grow and anchor your presence through the Philosophers CompassTM in community with fellow leaders on the frontiers of humanity's consciousness. 

Your life will not be the same. 

It simply cannot be.

AMPLIFY is specifically designed for busy, high-level executives and leaders:  

  • Supports you in a safe, confidential space where you can simply "be as you are" and rest and restore
  • Fine tunes the expression of your purpose in your leadership and creative contributions to the world 
  • Builds your internal guidance system to seamlessly give you sure footing in all situations
  • Holds you accountable in deliberately living and managing your energy and focus
  • Relax fully in a community of diverse, exceptional leaders facilitated by diverse, exceptional leaders who cross-pollinate ideas and enjoy respite, deep sharing, learning, regrouping, and growing together


Offered by Christine Powers, Founder of the epic Philosophers Camp. Christine “amplifies the amplifiers” and walks side-by-side with leaders who are out there every day touching the lives of others.

Here, these powerful change-makers for our planet come to fuel up their own lives of power and purpose. Christine has touched tens of thousands internationally through concerts, music, and meditations; transformational workshops; energy and sound healing; talks, writings and creative works; intuitive and business guidance; and adventure retreats. 

Christine is joined by an adjunct international team of content contributors: 

  • Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville (Greater New York City area), conscious feminine leadership expert, pioneer in integrative medicine, founder of the only accredited energy healing school in the United States, multiple best-selling author, cellular wisdom seer and healer 
  • Daniel Gutierrez (Sacred Valley, Peru), Philosophers Camp Elder-in-Residence, premier sacred travel leader, expert in radical mindfulness, multiple international best-selling author and business coach, and owner of Catalina Retreat Center 
  • Ben Gioia, (San Francisco) Founding Philosopher, founder and CEO of Influence with a HeartTM, two-time bestselling author and international speaker
  • Pat Duckworth, (London), Founding Philosopher, founder of Smarter Menopause, Women’s Health Strategist, and award-winning international best-selling author
  • PLUS bonus appearances and content from "Friends of the Camp!"
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"We do not retreat from society in total. It is not sustainable, and it does not serve in the end. This is mirrored by Emerson and Thoreau in their positions by the end of their lives. Nor can we keep up with the frenetic pace of modernity. We will burn up before our time. Rather, it's this sacred dance back and forth of being of influence in the world, making your mark on the world, and then retreating to the wilderness to regroup, to sustain, to get back in touch, to purify. This is Philosophers Camp. This is AMPLIFY." 

- Christine Powers, Founder


Those who are attracted to Philosophers Camp are seeking freedom, knowingly or unknowingly. Freedom from fatigue, schedules, demands. Here, you find deep rest. As just the beginning. 

Together, we find pathways to freedom from the unique hurt, resisting, illusions, doubts, loneliness, and sadness that only those who constantly give transformation can understand. You may not even know you are carrying this in the garden of your soul. And, it's all perfect. Here, we let it all hang out and the "work" naturally occurs for us.

AMPLIFY is an extraordinary journey of transformation in commuity through sharing, trust, and deep common bonds.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. All is riddle, and the key to a riddle, is another riddle.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Promises of AMPLIFY

1) You are a master in your own right. You don't need to be taught; you need to remember. And have reminders. 

AMPLIFY is the way forward to build and maintain clarity, vision, and vitality

Consider life now... you are busy and bombarded... serving, traveling, creating, teaching, connecting, juggling, going, going, going. 

You need a consistent time, place, and space to simply be. To hash things out.

You need a place to slow down, breathe, nurture... and be nurtured.

You need hearty companions on the caravan who are also impeccable spiritual warriors.

AMPLIFY is your answer.

2) Thrive in the face of any circumstance. 

At Philosophers Camp, we agree that we cannot be impactful for long if we are always out front in the space of influence and action. 

Nor can we create nor sustain a life of freedom without tending to the garden of our souls. We know we must return consistently for the nourishment and lessons of nature. And that's not easy on our own.

Here, we explore and master advanced facets of managing our energy in the areas of personal relationships, creativity, business, and impact. 

3) Get more of your best work done in less time. 

Learn cutting-edge practices to create deep, focused work periods and managing energy to support you in high quality and prolific creations.  

As a byproduct of slowing down and deliberately focusing, you will parodoxically become uber productive with your impact rippling further more effortlessly.  

4) Be filled with unshakable strength. 

AMPLIFY and Philosophers Camp are your secret weapons as you serve yourself and ripple outward. Just as you hold others when they fall, celebrate successes, help navigate choices, and reflect brilliance when it is not seen, AMPLIFY is this for you. 

5) Walk with Spiritual Warriors. 

Your souls made this date long ago to come together.

Tender, strong, open-hearted, courageous, powerful. Grow with kindred spirits who truly see you and “get you.” Explore new relationships within the growing global Philosophers Camp community. 

Among us, there is an understanding that no matter what, we don't give up

We are tightly bonded, and we consistently tend to the garden of our souls, pulling weeds, planting, watering, and feeding. 

And most especially, we are steadfast for each other.

Through AMPLIFY, we are your garden keepers 24/7, vigilantly tending the fences so you can do your work and fill yourself with nourishment.  

6) Tap deeper into the magnificence of who you really are. 

Become The Alchemist you truly are, “weaving the dream” as you express your voice in the world. Drop the illusions, the fears, the masks and personas. Dare to shine, dare!

You did not come to this planet at this time for anything less than to be a magificent change agent for humanity.

You came here to serve the many. It's time for you to be continually held, filled, and replenished by Source, as Source works through you.

Say yes to AMPLIFY, go beyond what you have already become.  

"High-level coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs need a safe space to gather. A place to meet with peers. I hear over and over: 'I don't have a place where I get coached. Just because I'm high level and have a lot of influence, doesn't mean I don't still need this.' AMPLIFY is built exactly for you. Christine is an elder before her time holding profound grandmother energy for those with the courage to walk by her side."  

- Dr. Minette Riordan, Artist, Poet & Philosopher, Bakersfield, California 

Dr. Minette Riordan

AMPLIFY is not for everyone, and if you are gravitating at all, here is what is next. 

Explore the details and if this is a great move for you, and a great fit for the current AMPLIFY crew, on a clarity call with Christine. 


AMPLIFY is for you

... if you resonate with any of these foundational statements: 

  • I relish being part of a community of leaders who champion their vibrational presence, poise, and power (along with play). 
  • The greatest gift I can give the world is the mastery of who I AM.
  • Radical self-care, impeccability, and unwavering strength are requirements for mastering my life and purpose.
  • I know my life has aspects that no longer fit.
  • It is time to consciously create a life I love... 100%. 

"In one word, Philosophers Camp is for illumination. Illumination for transformational leaders who are of service all the time. For the difference-makers in the world to connect and cross-pollinate, really, and find out how we can be of service to each other and help each other get to the next level. How we support those who are here while being supported and fully nurtured." 

~ Keith Leon, CEO of You Speak It Books and International Best-selling author 


April 2020 - March 2021 Overview

Base Camp Tent
  • Monthly Campfire Truth Councils (75-90 minutes) where we explore essential qualities of self-mastery, discovery, play, and sharing what is on our minds and in our hearts. 
  • 12 custom meditations/tools created by our facilitation team to alchemize three things: current planetary energies, where we are as a group, and an Essential Quality 
  • 4+ bonus meditations in areas such as loss, strength, radical self-care, expansion of consciousness 
  • 12, 30-minute private meetings with Christine to support wherever you are, accelerate your path, and dissolve obstacles (1 per month)
  • 4, half-day, seasonal virtual/in person "Realm Rejuvenation Retreats" with activations, learning, play, and renewal
  • Unlimited email and text along with "reset calls" as needed
  • Unlimited access to all content and private Facebook group 

Retail Value: $20,500 YOUR INVESTMENT: $9,995 $2,597 quarterly (with signed commitment; $400 convenience fee) 

Invest in full and enjoy two BONUSES valued at $4,495! 

  • Come to a Philosophers Camp in the Adirondacks or Peru at zero cost! (see below). 
  • 2-night, 3-day "Winter Warmer Weekend" (November-December, March-April) including time each day with Christine at our Stillman House. (You may bring a guest at no cost.)
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BONUS! Come to Philosophers Camp for $0 

teaching on mountain

The Details on the Bonus

We are watching COVID-19 carefully. If we are unable to hold the Camps as scheduled, we will extend the tuition offer for 2021 and book new dates ASAP, checking with current registrants' schedules.

  • Valid for September 10-14 or September 17-21, 2020 Philosophers Camp in the Adirondack Mountains of New York
  • Investment of $9,995 must be made in full by April 17, 2020 
  • Pay by check and save the credit card fee > $9,795!

Other options to register for Philosophers Camp

Regular Investment for Camp: $3,995 Early Bird Special $2,995 (paid in full) > save $1,000 Early Bird Special Payment Plan $3,395 > save $600 > Down payment of $500 plus $483 monthly for 6 months

Note: AMPLIFY & Camp bonus if paid in full available until April 17, 2020 at midnight ONLY. Please review the Terms & Conditions here

Your Main Steadies

Christine Powers

Facilitator, Soprano, Healer, Revolutionary Leader, Founder of Philosophers Camp

Christine Powers is an award-winning soprano, teacher, and visionary who amplifies the amplifiers. Using all aspects of her voice, she empowers those "on the front lines of humanity’s consciousness."  

A life-changing event occurred in Warsaw, Poland at the Jewish Historical Institute while she was on concert tour. The profound experience with Holocust survivors in the audience consciously awoke within her the power of her healing voice.  

Later, as her career was sky-rocketing in fund development, marketing, and PR, Christine was struck with a universal 2-by-4, thrusting her into a dark night of the soul. She emerged knowing who she is and what is hers to do: Awaken. Activate. Nurture others to be pillars of light for the planet. And, play.  

She mastered radical detachment through a catastrophic fire that burned everything her family owned, and she is deeply in-tune with the natural cycles of death and rebirth.  

Christine and her husband are building a "people refuge" dedicated to healing, rejuvenation, and creativity in the Adirondacks.

Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez  

Bestselling Author, Sacred Travel Leader, Mindfulness Expert

To get to the highest tops, one must explore the deepest depths. Nobody knows that better than Daniel Gutierrez.  

Once a high-powered executive and in-demand consultant, Daniel realized that there was more to success than a 7-figure earning potential. As President of PRIMER and advisor to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration, Daniel was a highly regarded and deeply revered leader. Though Daniel was listed as one of the “Top 100 Hispanics in America," something was still missing.  

Daniel dared to leave it all behind and dedicate the next chapter of his life to becoming a Master of Mindfulness. During the past 10 years, Daniel has led nearly 30 quests to the heights of the Machu Picchu, the depths of the Amazon, and the top of the Himalayas. He has been guiding entrepreneurs and corporate executives in mindfulness immersions.  

Though mindfulness is a lifelong practice, he has become known for giving life-altering strategies in as little as 60 seconds.  

In May 2019 Daniel moved to Peru, where he is now the owner of The Catalina Spiritual Retreat Center. 

Dr. Dorothy Photo

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville  

Psychotherapist, Energy Medicine Pioneer, Leadership Coach

Claiming the fullness of your presence requires challenging the stories you tell yourself. This is the heart of Dr. Dorothy's work.  

As an illegitimate child, Dorothy was sent to an orphanage at birth. Placed in the home of her grandmother at age 3, she soon became leader and protector in the household and sustained daily beatings. She knew in her core that she would survive and could do and be anything.  

Dorothy has served as a Catholic nun, airline stewardess, psychotherapist and clinical instructor at UConn Medical School. She founded four companies and is a best-selling author of multiple books including Real Women Change the World.  

Dorothy regularly retreats to nature. It is there that she remembers the fullness of herself and the human journey.  

She is currently heading the Health Committee of a United Nations Global Summit, where she will speak on the need to bring heart, soul, and humanity into healthcare.