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Why you want to learn with Christine Powers:

"Christine is a powerfully inspiring, deeply compassionate and spiritual leader who walks in integrity and purpose in all aspects of her life. Her wisdom and superior communication and listening skills contribute to her keen ability to tune into exactly what needs to be addressed in order for you to move forward into a higher vibration. It is my honour to recommend her as a truly gifted guide." 

~Liberty Forrest, award-winning author and international speaker, Calgary, Canada  

"Words fall short in my attempt to convey the experience in The Burren; it was a beautiful, bountiful, rich weekend of community and communion. The words I heard inwardly at the close were "the abuse stops today" and a doorway opened -- I stepped into it. My heartfelt gratitude for such completion. Thank you, Christine, for being such a wise, warm, caring, and light-filled facilitator." 

~Margaret E., County Mayo, Ireland  

"Christine is a caring guide and teacher. Her sensitivity to people's journey is evident in all she does. She paused after each point to assure everyone understood the information. Her style of presenting and then demonstrating with hands-on exercises made the session fly by."  

~ Tom M., Williamsburg, VA  

"Wanted to share how much I appreciate YOU. How I am enjoying my meditation recording ... during early risings, mid-day moments, evening reflections ... as I listen and soak in your exquisite resonance ...each note awakens my senses and my body shimmers with joy, truth, bliss." 

~Jacquie Suzanne Nagy, Holistic Directions, Calgary, Canada  

Crystal Bowl in Stream

"Your work is very powerful. It is innovative and super- charged with such wonderful creativity and deep diving into the student’s consciousness. You are indeed a teacher of light!"  

~ Kathie C, Albany, New York 


It's all within you to thrive. Learn how to find your inner positioning system!

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About Christine Powers

Christine is an activator for those longing to know themselves and step into their authentic, unique voice. We all have a contribution to make, and she supports each of us in fulfilling that promise. Having been tested and formed through the fire of experience, Christine has deep wisdom to share about harmonizing life.

Christine uses all aspects of her voice and power to "amplify the amplifiers” -- those on the “front lines of humanity's consciousness."  

Known for weaving the eclectic into the sublime, Christine has touched thousands through concerts, music, and meditations; transformational workshops; energy and sound healing; talks, writings, and creative works; and adventure retreats.  

Founder of the Philosophers Camp, Christine is building a “people refuge” for healing, rejuvenation, creativity and community in New York’s Adirondack Mountains where she moved from Albany two years ago with her family. 

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In addition, Christine is an award-winning business woman for her work at the American Red Cross in communications, marketing, PR, events, and development; award-winning international classical soprano; featured in the book "Hot Women Rock: How to Discover Your Midlife Entrepreneurial Mojo;" Reiki Master-Teacher initiated into several healing frequencies; ordained minister; and member of the leadership team for the Evolutionary Business Council. She has donated thousands of hours in selfless service to transforming and uplifting humanity.