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Philosophers Camps 2020!

 These are our signature epic five-day retreats held on 100 private acres owned by our founder in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

As a busines leader, healer, executive, or coach, you already know it is essential that you explore the wilderness within. 

Because most of us give, give, give... and give some more, until we are depleted. We know better, and do it anyway. 

Give yourself permission to deeply restore.  

Rest in surroundings and with kindred spirits where YOU experience the transformation that you are giving constantly. 

Founder Christine Powers and the entire 2020 Facilitation Team welcome you to an extraordinary journey.

2020 Camp Dates in the U.S.

August 21-24 with Christine Powers & Jennifer Hough, Founder of The Wide Awakening

An extraordinary opportunity to cross-pollinate our geniuses and exponentiate our impact by creating something new in total fluidity to offer the world as a result of our playing together. 

Application only.  

August Camp by Fire

September 10-14 with Christine Powers Subtheme > Magical Mystery Tour  

Christine & Daniel Bury Despacho Bundle

September 17-21 with Christine Powers Subtheme > Wonder & Wisdom: The Heart of You

Resting in the sun

Sacred Journey to Peru!

Join us in the Sacred Valley, Peru!  

Catalina Retreat Center

May 17-23 Join Founder Christine Powers and Camp Elder and Co-Facilitator Daniel Gutierrez for a sacred journey abroad in the magical land of Peru. Our base camp is Catalina, Daniel's retreat center, and we will also have powerful day trips including Machu Picchu and private sites not open to the public. 

For the next five people that register, we are offering to pay your airfare up to $1,000! 

Get the details!

What are you made of?

Watch: Daniel Gutierrez poses 3 questions. Is Philosophers Camp for you?

Compass Facing the North

Philosophers Camp will lead you home.

Standing at the top of the mountain during ceremony, your shoulders drop, your heart opens, the sun warms you. Your energy melts into the vortex where "Condor and Eagle" meet. Energy spirals, stretching and soaring into the sky as your heart thrums with joy. You exhale… and let go.  

A surge courses through you as you prepare... You see the path laid out before you. You know the master within you is present. In an instant, tired ways of being melt away and a new freedom washes over you.  

As you proclaim who you are, you understand the power of these mountains are walking with you now. You feel power ripple outward. Your life can never be the same. 

Everything in me says yes! 

Hold my spot

Our Official Base Camp in the Adirondacks: The Amazing New Glampshire

This is one-of-a-kind, "rustic luxury" experience.  

The setting nourishes your spirit as you delight in all that is offered. Our expert team is known for the pampering they provide.  

Walk the forest, peer across mountain vistas, fall asleep to the bubbling of Kibby Creek. Slip out for a star bath and glimpse the wonder of the Milky Way. The nearest big city is so far away that the starry nights are mind-bending and heart-opening.  

Awaken to the sounds and smells of a camp breakfast.  

Whether "glamping" or in a tiny home, you will sleep in a real bed with smooth linens and puffy pillows, fresh flowers, heat and electricity.  

New Glampshire looking in

You’ll experience the finest hospitality – sip a French-pressed coffee or perhaps Japanese twig tea overlooking the Western Ridge, journal in an Adirondack chair with chimes gently sounding, explore the Rock Farm, sketch by the Beaver Pond, or relax by a crackling campfire that glows day and night. Or maybe you'll slip away and nap in a hammock tucked in a grove of shimmering trees.

August and September are amazing times to be in the Adirondacks. Sunshine floods the land, flowers and herbs are all around, the air is fragrant, and the cool nights bring hints of the eventual blazing colors of Autumn (And most of the bugs are gone).  

New Glampshire is the perfect sanctuary to reconnect to the most vital places within you. We offer a range of accommodations from glamour tents with full beds, furniure, heat, and elctricity to tiny homes. 

You'll remember what it’s like to actually slow down and enjoy life

Teresa de Grosbois

Teresa de Grosbois, Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council, International Speaker and the #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Influence.

"Philosophers Camp is a spa for the soul. A beautiful, totally unique way to connect with other high-powered people in a space where you gain greater clarity on your mission. Christine Powers is a master at creating sublime experiences that accelerate transformation. Be prepared to widen and deepen your capabilty to impact our world... profoundly."

I'm so in.

Apply Now

Enjoy Delicious, Healthy Meals Made with Love

  • Our amazing North Country chefs know how to create culinary wonders in an outback setting.  
  • Your senses will be delighted while food is prepared, combined with the company of new friends, and perfectly spiced dishes featuring vegetables, eggs, cheeses, yogurts, breads, jams, meats, nuts - the best of what is curated and grown locally
  • Breakfasts are relaxed, lunch is packed for the trail, and dinner is a family-style celebration.  
  • Abundant snacks are available.  
  • Can’t eat this or that? Vegan, vegetarian, Keto, gluten, or dairy free? No problem – we’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.  
Food and table

"Christine is a beautiful mixture of whimsy, mad talent, and wisdom. She created the Philosophers Camp for inner growth, new discoveries, self development, and deep exploration. She holds the space for attendees in a wonderful and magical way. This is a safe environment and worth experiencing. I give my highest recommendation!"

Debbi Dachinger Photo

Debbi Dachinger, media personality; syndicated, award-winning radio host of "Dare to Dream" and producer; interviewer of celebs on the red carpet; on-camera event host; keynote speaker; certified coach and author of international bestselling books.

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Our Journey

Beginning: Release & Restore

Sitting under the moon, you turn toward the fire, feeling heat floating toward you. You feel heat within you. Your heart’s desire? Freedom, happiness, peace, power… You know it’s time for a major breakthrough with every cell in your being.  

How do you move past situations that challenge you? How do you release limiting thoughts in your mind, or old, stuck emotions in your heart? How do you stay radically present to love and joy when life is bombarding you day in and day out?

We will guide and support you. Calling on decades of experience and wisdom that has been passed down for generations, you will find release and peace as you sink into the restorative power of this land and accept the loving guidance and care offered you. 

Voyage: Go Explore

Trekking up a trail that gently winds upward, you stop to take in the scents, the early morning sun, the buzzing bees, and the vistas. 

You join the group and in hushed silence, take in the wonder before you. The High Peaks. Majesty. Expansion. Layers of mountains. Layers of you. 

It is here that many hear drums and voices from times past. The soil beneath your feet hums with a song beyond sound. Guided into a deep state, you meet the One who has been patiently waiting for you. 

With super awareness, you take in the awe of your surroundings, from the sweep of the trees to the tiniest spider webs. You realize you are exploring the landscape of your heart. Your small self dissipates and you become present in a way you did not think possible. You know in your bones that all you are, all you ever need, is already within you. 

Return: Step into Power 

As the days deepen in ceremony, sacred conversation, discoveries, and rejuvenation, you come into relationship with the powerful being within who creates confidently and creatively. 

You anchor new insights, feel your strength, and uncover wisdom. It's time to commit to taking action when you return home.  

In ceremony at one of the most profound places on the land (shhh, we cannot tell you!), we’ll raise the vibration for all humanity. Supported by your new-found circle, we'll reflect and witness the transformation in one other.

You'll pack your deepened awareness, clarity, and power, and journey home knowing you are part of a global community, confident you can create a life you truly desire, share a bigger message, and make a stronger impact with anyone you touch.

Creative Time
Dinner Table

Meet with us!

Our team is happy to meet with Campers to ensure a good fit for all. Book your complimentary call; get the deets and ask questions!

Book Your Call

What does Philosophers Camp give you?

  • CLARITY: Go beyond what you think you know now; understand what is being asked of you and your mission as your most powerful contribution to our world
  • COMMUNITY: Emerge as a membr of a community fiercely devoted to one another, our missions, and our planet
  • STRENGTH: Build your energetic muscles to flow with the ever-accelarating peaks and valleys around us (aka chaos)
  • CREATIVITY: Activate the co-creative mastery within you to fully express who you are and your gifts
  • RESTORATION: Deeply rest and rejuvenate your entire system 
Hike to The Lookout

"Philosophers Camp is for you if your body literally needs to come and receive from the land, to rest, to recuperate. Be inspired. Grow your vision. It’s not a cookie-cutter workshop in a hotel somewhere in a city. You can only get this from the mountain in a loving, supportive container. I felt really, really taken care of, and that in and of itself is a huge gift!"

Lisa Dadd Journaling

Lisa Dadd, leadership development consultant, executive coach, founder of FabU in Los Angeles, CA and Ontario, Canada

This is totally for you if...

Two participants in conversation
  • You know you have an even bigger message to share.
  • You deeply care about empowering people.
  • You are ready to delve into the mystery of you and return a changed person.
  • You give more than you take. 
  • You're open to laughing, crying, and getting a little dusty.

What's Included

Adirondack Chairs
  • Teachings, guided meditations, sacred ceremonies, campfire councils, riding our Big Wheels on the Milky Way
  • Plenty of quiet time and one-on-one time with facilitator(s)
  • Hospitality-filled accommodations (single or multi-occupancy; some upgrades to single available)
  • All meals and snacks from Thursday dinner until Monday lunch  
  • Safety instruction from New York State licensed wilderness guide, personal safety kits, flashlights, headlamps, and other gear

What's Not Included

  • Travel costs to Albany Airport and then to our retreat center (86 miles from airport)
  • Car rentals, taxis, Lyft, Uber to get here (we can help with carpooling!)
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance 

Special Bonuses

  • A guided meditation created by Christine after your Camp to instantly return you to being on the mountain. ($444 value) 
  • A pre-event, 30-minute private conversation with your facilitator(s) to discover how our team can best support you. ($300-500 value) 
  • Private body massage ($90 value) 
  • Deeply rejuvenating energy session during Camp with Christine ($444)
  • Pre and post-event group Zoom calls. Meet your fellow campers before you get to the mountain. After the event, share stories and continue to integrate your experience. ($500 value)
  • Access to our private online community of graduate campers where you’ll stay connected and enjoy the company and energy of like-minded people. 
  • Plus a commemorative video to keep the wonder and magic of the weekend alive. ($99)

Total Value of Bonuses: $1,877+

 Your Investment

Option 1: $2,995 Early Bird Paid in Full Option 2: $3,395 Early Bird Payment Plan ($500 deposit and up to 5 payments!)  

Retail value: $3,995 

The world needs our positive energy and presence now.

Camper gazing at mountain

You are a servant-leader for humanity. 

How do we know this? Because only leaders find their way to the Philosophers Camp. 

It’s time to come together, cross-pollinate ideas, and through the power of our presence, uplift the planet.  

If you’ve been running nonstop and your body, mind, or soul are run down, then sink deep so you can return ready to be of service.  

Whether you need a break from the daily grind, know it’s time to reassess your direction in life, or feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, give this time to yourself.

Your Team

Christine Powers snowmobiling

Christine Powers

Facilitator, Soprano, Healer, Revolutionary Leader, Founder of Philosophers Camp

Christine Powers is an award-winning soprano, teacher, and visionary who amplifies the amplifiers. Using all aspects of her voice, she empowers those "on the front lines of humanity’s consciousness."  

A life-changing event occurred in Warsaw, Poland at the Jewish Historical Institute while she was on concert tour. The profound experience with Holocust survivors in the audience consciously awoke within her the power of her healing voice.  

Later, as her career was sky-rocketing in fund development, marketing, and PR, Christine was struck with a universal 2-by-4, thrusting her into a dark night of the soul. She emerged knowing who she is and what is hers to do: Awaken. Activate. Nurture others to be pillars of light for the planet. And, play.

She mastered radical detachment through a catastrophic fire that burned everything her family owned, and she is deeply in-tune with the natural cycles of death and rebirth.

Christine and her husband are building a "people refuge" dedicated to healing, rejuvenation, and creativity in the Adirondacks.

Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez

Co-Facilitator, Bestselling Author, Sacred Travel Leader, Mindfulness Expert

To get to the highest tops, one must explore the deepest depths. Nobody knows that better than Daniel Gutierrez

Once a high-powered executive and in-demand consultant, Daniel realized that there was more to success than a 7-figure earning potential. As President of PRIMER and advisor to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration, Daniel was a highly regarded and deeply revered leader. Though Daniel was listed as one of the “Top 100 Hispanics in America," something was still missing.  

Daniel dared to leave it all behind and dedicate the next chapter of his life to becoming a Master of Mindfulness. During the past 10 years, Daniel has led nearly 30 quests to the heights of the Machu Picchu, the depths of the Amazon, and the top of the Himalayas. He has been guiding entrepreneurs and corporate executives in mindfulness immersions. 

Though mindfulness is a lifelong practice, he has become known for giving life-altering strategies in as little as 60 seconds. 

In May 2019 Daniel moved permanetly to Peru, where he is now the owner of The Catalina Spiritual Retreat Center. 

Dr. Dorothy Photo

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

Co-Facilitator, Psychotherapist, Energy Medicine Pioneer, Leadership Coach

Claiming the fullness of your presence requires challenging the stories you tell yourself. This is the heart of Dr. Dorothy's work. 

As an illegitimate child, Dorothy was sent to an orphanage at birth. Placed in the home of her grandmother at age 3, she soon became leader and protector in the household and sustained daily beatings. She knew in her core that she would survive and could do and be anything. 

Dorothy has served as a Catholic nun, airline stewardess, psychotherapist and clinical instructor at UConn Medical School. She founded four companies and is a best-selling author of multiple books including Real Women Change the World

Dorothy regularly retreats to nature. It is there that she remembers the fullness of herself and the human journey.  

She is currently heading the Health Committee of a United Nations Global Summit, where she will speak on the need to bring heart, soul, and humanity into healthcare.

Larry Powers

Larry Powers

Camp Concierge, Safety Officer & NYS Licensed Wilderness Guide

Bob Morgan

Bob Morgan

Administrative Assistance & Volunteer Coordinator

wooden hearts

and many volunteers!

Thank you all!

Why the Adirondack Mountains?

Philosophers Camp is held on sanctified land that offers holding and grace. Those who understand the capacity that sacred land has to bring enlightenment, healing, and power come to walk hallowed grounds wherever they are on our planet. 

The Adirondack Mountains were formed by glacier debris 5 millions years ago and are 100 mountains that make up a dome-like structure. Considered a "newborn," the mountains are still growing. The Adirondacks was one of the first areas in our nation to be awarded "forever wild" status and are still pristine and remote. Walked by the Algonquin going back over 1,000 years and the Mohawk of the Iroquois Confederacy, the mountains are infused with the powerful energies of untouched wilderness

The Legend

In 1858, Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson and William Stillman led an expedition into the Adirondacks. These philosophers, theologians, scientists, leaders, and guides journeyed into the wild to cross-pollinate ideas, share fellowship, restore their souls, and explore how they could uplift humanity.  

National news media dubbed this gathering the "Philosophers Camp."  

They intended to buy the land and return, but the Philosophers Camp never happened again, disrupted by the Civil War. Thirty years later, Stillman returned to find the site had been destroyed by tourists

The Philosophers Camp fell into myth and never fulfilled its destiny. Until the Philosophers Camp was resurrected in a new paradigm by visionary Christine Powers.

The Power Today

Just miles from the original site, a modern-day Philosophers Camp is growing, re-imagined for our increasingly complex and accelerating society

You have the opportunity to step into this mythic energy, to stand on the work of masters who came before you.

The 100 acres where the Camp is held has been purified and magnified. It is a beacon of light. Shamans, energy healers, and spiritual leaders are drawn to this land and walk it with their "robes of light", awakening and installing palpable and accessible energies that support deep inner work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we get around? Walking! And, we have a four-person golf cart to assist as needed. We will be walking several places on the acreage and some accommodations are about .2 miles apart from our base camp, New Glampshire. 
  • Is it hilly? Uneven ground? This is a mountain setting with hills and inclines. There are dirt roads and trails to access locations where we gather. If you cannot navigate small inclines and uneven ground, this is probably not a good venue for you. 
  • What kind of shoes do I need? Sturdy walking shoes such as sneakers are fine. If you wish to go "off trail" or on some of the more challenging trails, hikers will be necessary. 
  • Do I need special equipment? No. Bring common items like a water bottle, sunscreen, ball cap, bug spray, casual clothes, rain gear, extra layers for chlly nights, etc. You will receive a letter detailing the list of items to bring.
  • What about bugs? Wildlife? Bears? Insects and ticks are part of everyday life. Please bring a DEET repellent (even if you spray on clothes only) in addition to regular/organic bug sprays. Bring long pants and long-sleeve shirts for hiking. Wildlife (beavers, deer, turkeys, etc.) is abundant, and you are lucky to see any! Black bears live in these forests, and we have not had any problems with them. Good "food hygiene" is essential to keep it that way, and our Safety Officer will instruct you on safety. 
  • What kind of food do you serve? We serve hearty, healthy, and delicious omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan selections. There will be ample snacks available and plenty of fluids! We discuss dietary needs with every camper.
  • How big will this group be? Participation is limited to 12 participants.
  • What are the personal care facilities available? Multiple shower locations with individual, private showers are available. Some require a short walk and some are outdoor. Private bathrooms and other options are available for bio needs. 
  • What time does program begin and end? Check in any time after 1:00 pm on Thursday. This gives you time to unpack, visit, and explore. We begin Thursday with Orientation at 4:30 pm. We conclude Monday at 1:00 pm. We will let you know ahead of time about the schedule and may offer optional early-morning activities such as meditation, specialty hikes, movement. Evenings run until about 8:30-9:00 pm. 
  • What if I need to arrive or leave at different times? We understand you may be traveling a long distance. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later, please let us know and we do what we can to support your participation.